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Today’s Post is about the Prajavani news paper

Newspapers can cover a wide variety of fields such as politics, business, sports and art, and often include materials such as opinion columns, weather forecasts, reviews of local services, obituaries, birth notices, crosswords, editorial cartoons, comic strips, and advice columns.

A newspaper is a mirror of society. Its contents reflect what’s happening locally and internationally.

Newspaper are almost the same in different names. Different pages have different names like business, sports, art and literature, politics, health, laws, entertainment, weather, editorial, op-ed, international news, national news, city news, etc.

A newspaper contains:

State/country News

New projects.



International News

Health and life related articles.

Editorial block written by some of the journalists.

New/old laws.

What are the typical sections of a newspaper?

National, regional and local/community news
National, regional and local politics/government
Editorial/opinion/editorial cartoons
Entertainment/celebrity gossip
TV listings, comics, crosswords and other puzzles, horoscopes, movies
Business, finance, markets
Announcements, community calendar
Death notices/obituaries
Weddings, births
Health, education
Cooking, gardening, travel, home DIY
Crime report (This is becoming increasingly popular and many areas have separate newspapers which are devoted to police calls, arrests, inmates and details not included on TV broadcasts or daily newspapers.

How important are newspapers in these days?
They aren’t as important as they once were and that’s a loss for all of us. But they continue to be the best way to understand the happenings in the world.

While there are various ways to get news, there is something special about a newspaper. It can go into more detail than any broadcast outlet and generally has higher standards for accuracy than a website that isn’t connected to a newspaper.

Web-only outlets tend to be run by people with much less experience than you’d find on an average newspaper, some are rank amateurs. And there’s more emphasis on sensationalism and opinion in an effort to get more clicks. That doesn’t mean that some aren’t sincere. That sure exists. And some are competent. It just means that there isn’t the same level of professionalism as on a mid to major newspaper. Nor do they generally have budgets large enough to really cover the news – there’s more emphasis on republishing work that others have done.

TV is primarily structured around entertainment. That’s true even for those outlets that are all news. They feel obliged – probably rightly so, as far as their best hope for ratings – to consider the entertainment value of what they do. It’s just the nature of the beast.

As profitability has gone down for newspapers and competition grown, staffs have become smaller and budgets for covering the news declined. So the quality of the work has suffered. Even so, newspapers still are more dependable, more accurate and less biased than any other way to get news.

All that is important because without factual information people can’t make informed decisions. And since newspapers remain the safest and most accurate way to get news they continue to be important.

I fear for newspapers and it’s not a paranoid fear. The world is more confused than ever. And there seems to be a growing trend to distrust the news. That is understandable since the increase of reliance of amateur and poorly run web news sites has made the public suspicious because of a rather poor record for accuracy and for avoiding bias. That’s tainted all news outlets, including newspapers.

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